San Jose Auto Air Condition – Heating & Cooling Services

Does your Air conditioner blows hot air from the vents, even though you have the adjusted on cold? Or it randomly blows colder than you indicated?

Without proper maintenance and care, your Air condition unit may be under performing and may not be as effective as expected.

Vehicles equipped with air conditioning systems help you and your passengers stay cool and comfortable. It takes in air, cools it down, and then takes all of the moisture out of the air to give a cooling effect inside of the car. AC is a great convenience which is responsible for cooling, heating, defrosting, air filtering, and humidity control.

If the air doesn’t feel as cold as it used to or it makes loud noises, then you may want to come by for service.

We at “Redmond 76” understand all prospects of your AC repair requirement, even from modern computerized components to environmental disposal concerns.

Common AC problems may involve:

  • Lose or broken belts
  • Inoperable AC parts
  • A/C runs constantly but never gets cold
  • Inconsistent temperature control
  • Stale, moldy, or damp smell from vents
  • Clogged or broken valves and filters
  • Leaking belts, valves, hoses, seals

We check your vehicle’s system minutely and provide any car air conditioning repair to avoid these complications. Our Certified and trained Technicians are experts at air conditioning freon R134a refill, recycle used freon gas, check AC pump drive belts, and performance test your A/C system.

We make sure that the air continues to blow at a temperature cool enough to cool down the car and each passenger. We can even recharge your air conditioning system using specialized equipment if needed.

Our San Jose Auto Air Condition Services include:

  • Minutely inspect all air conditioner parts and components
  • A/C system performance test (Air Volume & Vent Temperature)
  • System pressure test
  • System control test
  • Perform leak detector test
  • Optional dye leak detection test

We perform a checklist inspection of your complete air conditioning system and provide a written analysis with estimated air conditioner repair cost.

Why us?

  • Trained, licensed and experienced mechanics
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Complete auto repair services
  • Locally owned and operated

Customer satisfaction is our key. Team Redmond 76 provides you excellent service that you expect and deserve.

Schedule an appointment with one of our trained automotive Air Condition (AC) repair professionals in San Jose right away! Contact us at (408)997-2747