Know About Best San Jose Vehicle Inspection

Whether you are buying or selling a used car, van or light commercial vehicle, there is no possibility. A fast, easy way to make sure what size the vehicle is.Be confident about the car you are buying or selling. Get all the facts to help you make your decision.

With San Jose vehicle inspection Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI), our specialists will examine the vehicle and you will receive an inspection report informing you of its condition and the issues you should be aware of.

This type of vehicle inspection is done:

  • Complete pre-purchase inspection: Comprehensive inspection including inspection of internal and external condition of the car
  • Mechanical pre-purchase inspection: Focuses on the mechanical and structural issues of the car.
  • Vehicle Information Report: gives you accurate information of its history
  • Red Book Vehicle Evaluation Certificate

Complete pre-purchase inspection:

This is the ideal option if you cannot see the car before purchasing it on San Jose Tune up or if you want assurance of a full investigation by our experts. We also include a complete internal and external inspection. You will receive a comprehensive report by email including photos of the vehicle.

Mechanical pre-purchase inspection:

This is great if you are able to self-assess the internal condition and external condition of the car and want to report if it is mechanically and structurally sound. The inspection covers under the hood, underbody, brake performance, as well as a drive test. Our inspectors will also conduct an inspection on the exterior for corrosion or damage that affects its safety and they will shed light on the report. You will also receive a comprehensive mechanical report.

Redmond solves your vehicle problems. If your vehicle needs a minor tune-up or a major tune up, our technicians will quickly repair your vehicle’s problems and provide solutions, saving you valuable time and money. You will not find a service like ours anywhere else. Come in and see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

We hold our shop to high standards. It encompasses every aspect of the business – repair, repair, especially the way employees interact with customers. Our mission is to provide friendly, honest, top quality service in a timely fashion. Your goal is your complete satisfaction and willingness to advise others.

Redmond76 offers competitive rates on all services like smog check, oil change, etc. You are sure to get best services here.



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